Shively Labs 6814 FM Antenna






Shively Model 6814













True Circular Polarisation
Handles 25 kW per Bay
Multiplexes over 6 MHz Bandwidth


Shively Standard Features:

  • Ring Stub Design
  • Consistently Predictable Patterns
  • Low Weight and Windload
  • Digital Ready
  • Pattern Studies Available
  • No Factory Personnel Needed to Install
  • Adjustable Fine-Matching Transformer
  • Radomes and Deicers Available
  • Rugged Corrosion-Resistant Mounts
  • Works with Regular Towers; No Need for Special Frequency-Sensitive Tower Sections
  • Pressure Relief Valve for Easy Purging of the System
  • Special Spacing, H/V Ratios, Null Fill and Beam Tilt Available
  • Performance Specifications:

Technical Specification


Right circular.
1.05 : 1 ± 200 kHz for a single-frequency antenna.
1.1 : 1 over ± 200 KHzfor a dual frequency antenna with up to 6 MHz frequency separation.

Azimuth Pattern Circularity:
Horizontal component ±1.5 dB on pole.

Input Connection:
Female 4-1/16 in flange, except for 1-bay antenna: 3-1/8 in EIA

Product Resources

Product Resources

Shiveley 6814 Data Sheet

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