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The IP-12 starts with a 12-fader control surface. Each of the 12 input modules is equipped with an LED source name display and an A/B source selector whose sources can be set via a rotary encoder in the master section. Each input module has access to four program busses and has cue and talkback switches. A 100mm long-throw fader and lighted channel ON/OFF switches round out the module. The master section offers control room, studio, and headphone controls with source selection, and an onboard headphone jack and amplifier. Timer controls, a master talkback button, and a built-in cue speaker with volume control are provided. There are four event switches and six programmable buttons available for user functions. The meter bridge has three stereo pairs of bright 30-segment horizontal LED bar graph meters, as well as an on-board timer with controls located in the master section.

The IP-12 control surface connects via Ethernet to its audio engine, the Wheatstone WheatNet-IP ip88cb Console Audio BLADE. A powerful 1RU device containing the console’s digital signal processing, input, output, and logic circuitry, the engine has no fans and may be located either next to the console or at a remote location.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Control Surface

  • 12-fader compact control surface
  • 4 stereo program busses
  • LED source name displays
  • LED-illuminated switches
  • A/B source selector on each channel strip
  • Guarded channel ON/OFF switches
  • Control room and studio monitor outputs with independent level controls
  • Headphone output with built-in amplifier and level control
  • CUE bus with built-in amplifier and speaker
  • Three pairs of bright, 30-segment bargraph meters
  • Four event switches
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Individual channel talkback with master talkback
  • On-board timer
  • Uses the ip-88cb Console Audio BLADE, WheatNet-IP compatible
  • Modular control surface design

Audio Engine

  • Integrated I/O Mix Engine Blade
  • 2 Mic Preamps with phantom power and gain trim w/ XLR inputs
  • 4 Stereo (8 Mono) Analog Line Inputs on RJ45
  • 4 AES Inputs on RJ45
  • 4 Stereo (8 Mono) Analog Line Outs on RJ45
  • 4 AES Outputs on RJ45
  • Cue and Headphone Outputs on RJ45 and 1/4” jack
  • Control Room and Studio Monitor Outputs on XLRs
  • 12 Programmable Logic Ports
  • 1 RU Enclosure
  • Front panel metering for all busses and outputs
  • Gigabit port for connection to WheatNet-IP network

Product Resources

Product Resources

Audioarts IP-12 Brochure

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